May 032012

Pune: MUNAF PATEL BECAME HERO OF THE  MUMBAI INDIANS FOR HIS EXTRAORDINARY BOWLING PERFORMANCE, WITH THIS MUMBAI WIN BY 1 RUN!! It was another cliff-hanger. Pune needed 12 runs from the last over and it was a brilliant last over from Munaf Patel as Pune in spite of all the hard work, fell short by just 1 run.

On 20th over: 119/6 Pune needed 12 runs to win in the last over. Manhas on strike, Munaf Patel to bowl the deciding over. And Munaf begins with a dot ball. Manhas once again tries to hit towards the off-side, fails and no runs scored. Munaf bowls a WIDE ball. It was a slower one and Manhas couldn’t read it. Manhas punches one towards long-off for a single. 10 needed off 4 balls. Kumar on strike, fielder on sweeper cover restricts it to one. 9 needed from 3. Manhas on strike, he cut one towards sweeper cover and just a single taken. 8 needed from 2. Kumar on strike. Kumar hits one over covers for a BOUNDARY!!!! WHAT A SHOTTT UNDER PRESSURE. 4 needed from 1. Manhas is talking to Kumar. Can Kumar emerge as the hero for Pune? The field has been set, and is being changed and then being changed again. Kumar manages just a couple off a full-toss! But he never made it into 4.


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