Jun 182011

After the first win of KKR in IPL 4, Shahrukh Khan dedicated the win to Dada (Saurav Ganguly)and also want from its team to win IPL for Saurav though SRK didn’t take Dada in his team. Very clever tactics to woo Bengalis SRK !

Very few people came to watch KKR’s match against Deccan Chargers at Eden Gardens yesterdays. I think, this might have hurt SRK. He might be fearing about the financial loss because of the low attendance of people in the stadium.

In the post match ceremony, SRK praised Dada and dedicated the KKR’s win to him obviously for wooing Bengalis. If he was such a big fan of Dada, he might have taken him. Perhaps, he is also more concerned about the profit like all of us in the business.

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