Nov 012011

After the success of F1 and IPL the questions are raised whether govt should be debarred from interfering the sports.All of us know what happened in the CWG where a lot of scams was limelight regardless of the events hitting INDIA image badly .

So if we compare both events it is obvious that govt policies and people are busy in making money and fame without bothering about the games and the sportsperson.

first of all hats off to Jaypee group for making F1 race a huge success in India. So from all these events we have just learnt one thing for sure politics and sports should be kept different and politicians should not be allowed to spoil our country sport.You can see the condition off hockey,once the national game of our country and finding difficulties to even get good players and also pay them. So time has arrive now to take tough decision and help our national game to regain it’s lost charm

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