Jul 302011

Jonathan Liew of The Telegraph tried to demolish the myth of Sachin Tendulkar’ greatness by his blog. He criticized Tendulkar a lot and said that he shouldn’t be called “The Greatest Cricketer”. Liew has revealed the darker side to Tendulkar. Here are some of the Jonathan’s points:

"Sachin Tendulkar is fat and phone hacker"

1) Even the Ajith Agarkar and Stuart Broad have scored the centuries at Lords but Tendulkar hasn’t. He hasn’t even scored the century  at The Oval. Or the Rose Bowl. Or Cardiff. Or Bristol. Or Northampton. Or Whitgift.

2) Most of the Tendulkar’s centuries have been scored against Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. Though he has also scored few against Australia but against other teams, he has a very poor record.

3) Sachin Tendulkar has never been picked for an Ashes series, he even uses the bigger bat than others. How can he be so great ?

4) Sachin Tendulkar is even involved in phone-hacking. His e-mails reveal it all.

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