Nov 052011

Once again all eyes will be on the Little master when India takes on West Indies in test cricket in Delhi on Sunday. It is now almost more than 6 months when the Tendulkar hits the 99 th hundred .  Well last time he got out in the nervous nineties when India was touring the England and lost the series by 4-0.

"Sachin Tendulkar's 100TH Century Against West Indies"

Also it will be a fresh start for the Team India after their bizarre performance in Tests . Looking at the History the Kotla has been the land where histories are made.Anil kumble at this ground took 10 wickets in this history . So will this ground again witness  the history being made and get recorded in the record book.

Well the time will tell , almost more than billion people will be waiting for this event.  The Sunday is going to be super Sunday.

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