Mar 312015
Hollywood actress ANGELINA JOLIE crowns world's foremost feminist icon

ANGELINA JOLIE has been named the world’s foremost feminist icon just days after she underwent potentially life-saving surgery to remove her ovaries. The Hollywood actress, who had a preventative operation last week (ends22Mar15) in a bid to eliminate a cancer risk, came out top of a new poll naming women’s rights champions. Jolie took pole position in the survey by fashion house Rose & Willard for her work with the United Nations (U.N.) and her campaigns to end sexual assaults on women in war zones. […]

Mar 262015
Let's Have a Look at 11 Miss India Title Winners

The title of Miss India is a coveted one. Every year, thousands of girls from all walks of life and from towns big and small, fight the battle of beauty and brains to become Miss India. From its onset, the title has had its share of controversies. The winners perceive this title as a launching pad to make a name for themselves in the world of glamour and fame. But, lady luck does not shine on all. Some of the winners have managed to become […]

Sep 092011
Poonam Pandey to cross all limits if India wins today's match

Model and Actor Poonam Pandey once again created buzz on Twitter with her tweet. She promised to go beyond all the limits if India wins today’s Cricket match against England. Many youngsters would definitely be praying for India to win today. Earlier, Poonam Pandey also strip but not fully, her motive was just to encourage Indian Cricketers. This time again, she has tweeted her sample pic just to excite everyone for the bigger sensation if India wins today’s match. You can also follow News of […]