When Aruna Roy was with Anna Hazare

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Aug 232011
When Aruna Roy was with Anna Hazare

Aruna Roy used to share same stage with Anna Hazare. She even supported many of his movements earlier. But, the same lady has become his critic now. She is criticizing Anna’s style of protesting. Earlier, the same woman used to support Anna ji fully. You can also follow News of Delhi  on Twitter and Facebook.

Aug 212011
Aruna Roy's timing for presenting her own Lokpal raises suspicion

Aruna Roy is an Indian political and social activist who is also a member of  National Advisory Council which is headed by Sonia Gandhi. Although Aruna Roy as worked very hard for RTI act to be tabled in Parliament still this time her timing obviously raises suspicion. Aruna Roy and her team are not agree with some points over Janlokpal bill but that’s not the issue. Anyone can have different opinions. This issues is where were they earlier ? They could have met Anna Hazare […]