Oct 112011

Atheism is really getting popularity these days. The people, who believe in big-bang and other scientific theories, don’t believe in God. Today about 4.3 percent of the world’s population identifies themselves as atheist, and nearly 12 percent more (a number that is quickly growing) describe themselves as nontheist – non-believers in any deity. The ranks of scientists boast probably the largest concentration of atheists, and many of those have been recognized as among the most brilliant of human beings for their work. Here’s a look […]

Top Ten Myths about Atheists

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Jun 292011

We all know that many theists are so closed-minded about us that they won’t even talk to us, let alone try to understand us. This is usually not their fault, as they are told terrible things about us by people they trust, their preachers, whose whole livelihood depends on their parishioners staying in the flock. With any luck, this will prepare atheists for future confrontations and therefore make them more confident to announce themselves, as well as allow theist readers to better understand the atheist […]