Top 5 Ways to Cure Dark Circle At Home

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Oct 032011

Home remedies for dark circles are considered to be the best healing method. It is natural way of curbing the dark blemishes under the eye which will not cause any harm to the skin. Here are top 5 tips to cure: 1) A mixture of almond oil and honey should be applied on the affected area every night before bedtime. You will see a remarkable improvement in two to three weeks. 2) Tea bags are known to be very effective in curing dark circles. A cold tea […]

Sep 172011
5 Home remedies for Acne

Acne Vitamin Treatment Two vitamins, namely, niacin and vitamin A have been used successfully to treat acne. Vitamin therapy should comprise the intake of 100 mg niacin, three times daily, and 50,000 international units of vitamin A, three times daily. Vitamin E, 400 mg, should be taken once daily. Continue this therapy for a month. Zinc Treatment for Acne Zinc is another effective remedy in the area of nutrition that seems to offer new promise of help for acne. It has shown dramatic results in […]

5 Ways to Fix Cracked Lips

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Sep 172011

With the beginning of winters, your lips may get chapped or dry. Here are top 5 best ways and tips to repair your lips: 1. Keep the tongue off: Avoid licking your lips when chapped. Once the saliva dries, the cracks only get worse. 2. Treat them: Always use lip balms that are natural and chemical-free, at regular intervals. Apply olive oil or coconut oil and massage your lips daily. It will keep them soft and supple. 3. Drink more water: During winter, water intake tends to go […]

How to Get Rid of Black Spots on Skin Using Home Remedies

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Sep 022011

Black spots are always curse for your beauty. It also looks pretty awkward on the face or skin. Here, I would tell you 5 tips to cure it: # Lemon juice has many natural bleaching properties. It will prove to be very effective if you regularly apply on black spots.  You can also apply a mixture of 1/2 tsp lemon juice and glycerin and apply it over the black spots on skin. # Soak almonds in milk overnight after grinding than apply the product on […]