Nov 192011

Another shocking incident have emerged in Bihar after Uttar pradesh .   The brain fever from Uttar Pradesh has now spread and already had taken life of 87 kids in just 84 days .     It already has taken life of thousands of kids in Uttar Pradesh and it has become an lethal outbreak in Bihar . The  hospital faces a severe shortage of bag valve masks (commonly called Ambu bags), supportive medicines and doctors, as some of Bihar’s most indigent and illiterate communities struggle to […]

Most Anarchist Place in the World

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Jun 182011

Bihar is a state in eastern India. It is the 12th largest state, 3rd largest by population and no.1 in anarchism. Kidnapping, extortion, scams, murders, bribery, lawlessness etc. are common in this amazing state. I’m going to tell you one more real story of this state full of anarchism. Yesterday, an insurance agent came to my office for telling about some new insurance policies. While talking I asked him about his qualification and he told me that he was MBA in International Business from Bihar. […]