Mar 282016
Top 5 Most Expensive Bikes in the World

With the introduction of hi-tech technology and advancement in the automotive industry, numerous manufacturing companies are now introducing their modernized and rare models to the market. These rare products from the companies are not modernized products but also are expensive as far as the pricing is concerned. Speed, Price and Motorcycle is a perfect combination. To take this combination further, we bring you list of top five expensive motorcycles in the world. ECOSSE ES1 Superbike ECOSSE ES1 superbike is the most expensive bike in the […]

Oct 072011
Long before the iPod and iPhone, Steve Jobs was fond of riding BMW bikes

In his young age, Jobs was quite handsome and fond of riding BMW bikes. Steven was often seen on BMW motorcycles in early 80s, way before the legendary iPod, iPad and iPhone. Jobs earned $100 Million at 24, and he quickly bought this beautiful machine. The whole world is mourning this innovative man. His inventions would always be remembered by the people. Jobs brought revolutions in tech world. Many greats around even called him next Einstein of America. Interestingly, he took birth in a same […]

Sep 162011
Former Cricketer Azharrudin's son dies after a long struggle in the hospital

Mohammad Azharrudin’s 19-year-old son has died after his 5 days battle with life. He was taken to hospital after the bike accident. Ayazuddin was riding a motorcycle very fast along with his cousin, Ajmal, on Sunday morning, when their bike crashed on Hyderabad’s outer ring road. Ayazuddin was also very wristy and good batsman like Azhar. He was being considered the future batsman of Indian team. His stylish play had wooed many in the Cricket world. Doctors at Apollo Hospital struggled hard for 5 days […]