How Rupee Fall Affects Common Man

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Sep 042013

10 Ways The Rupee Fall Affects You:- 1. Less purchasing power: You get less for every rupee you spend. As the rupee declines, so does its purchasing power. Anything you bought for Rs 100 in January is now worth Rs 116 in cost terms alone by the virtue of the drop in the currency. The rupee has slipped by about 20 percent since the beginning of this year. 2 High interest rates: Your EMIs for auto and home loans, along with interest rate on fresh […]

Why ‘Aam Aadmi’ of India is in big trouble

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Sep 042011

I’ve read so many blogs related to India’s progress and development which is good. It is also being said by some intellectuals that India would be the no. 1 country in next 25 years. But, I’ve read only few blogs related to real life of Common Man of India. Being a common man myself, I’ve decided to share some ground realities which I face in day to day life. Being Patriotic has been a curse for me: I have always loved my country, I’m big […]