Oct 182011
Subramanian Swamy belongs to RSS: Digvijay Singh

Congress general secretary recently accused Janata Party President Subramanian Swamy of being RSS man. He said, “Swamy is expert in spreading false rumors about Congress and he has RSS backing in this.” “Earlier, RSS was playing dirty politics against Congress using Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare, and now they are using Subramanian Swamy,” he said. He also said that only Hisar lose can’t decide Congress future and stated, “People, who are fighting against corruption, themselves involved in corruption cases.” “BJP is the biggest example of […]

Oct 132011
Uma Bharti wants Advani as PM

BJP leader Uma Bharti wants LK Advani as PM. During her speech, she supported Advani and said, “His Rath-Yatra would put an end to UPA rule and pave new way for BJP.” The speculations have again been raised by Uma Bharti about Advani as PM. Although LK Advani said in his interview to Times Now that he would abide by the party Diktat. Earlier, Advani also said that he wasn’t in the PM race but the final decision would be taken by his party. Meanwhile, […]

Oct 112011
Why don't you attack BJP ? Digvijay asks Anna Hazare

Congress leader questioned Anna Hazare that why he was not attacking BJP. Digvijay also cautioned Anna against the “loft promises” made by the party of making him the President. Digvijay also said to Anna, “You have never raised your voice against the BJP,” Singh, who has been a vocal critic of Team Anna, said and asked why he was “silent” on the issue of corruption when the BJP-led NDA was in power. Referring again to his claim that BJP has offered to make Hazare the presidential […]

Digivijay Singh reveals; I’ve full sympathy for Amar Singh

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Sep 092011
Digivijay Singh reveals; I've full sympathy for Amar Singh

Latest from Digvijay Singh; Amar Singh is a decent man and I’ve full sympathy for him. I hope, he will be proved innocent soon. While addressing reporters at Raghogarh, he showed his soft side for poor Amar Singh. Diggi looked very tensed as he was in huge shock over Amar Singh’s arrest. Though Delhi Police claim to have solid proofs against Amar Singh’s alleged role in cash-for-vote-scam still Digvijay Singh gave his full support to the former friend of Big B. When asked about Anna […]

Sep 052011
Digvijay Singh: Baba Ramdev is thug and Kejriwal is corrupt

Controversial Congress leader Digvijay Singh once again created trouble due to his big mouth. Addressing media in UP, he said, “Baba Ramdev is a thug and Arvind Kejriwal is corrupt”. He also accused Arvind Kejriwal of collecting crores for his NGOs. He accused Kejriwal of not only flouting service rules but also being involved in politics. “The notice given to him is absolutely legitimate and government rules can’t change for anyone in this country”, Digvijay Singh said. In spite of facing so much wrath of people, […]