How to Improve Your Vocabulary

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Aug 262013

Do you want to improve your vocabulary? Do you find yourself using the word awesome to describe everything good? Do you dream of being an author but feel your vocabulary is not strong enough? If for any of these reasons or any other reason, you want to learn vocabulary then you need to know the right way to do it. Memorizing words from a list is the most common and the most stupid way of going about learning vocabulary. We learn words in context of […]

5 Unknown Facts about English

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Oct 032011

Here, I’ve collected 5 interesting and unknown facts about English, which you will definitely enjoy: # Martin Van Buren was the only American President who did not speak English as his first language; Thomas Jefferson claimed to know six. # There are two words in the English language that have all five vowels in order: “abstemious” and “facetious.” # The next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, the world’s most definitive work on the language, will never be printed because of the impact of the internet on book […]

Top 5 Words not Found in English

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Oct 032011

Here are top 5 words not found in English. Some of them would definitely be useful for English-speakers, what do you think? 1. Waldeinsamkeit (German): the feeling of being alone in the woods 2. Ilunga (Tshiluba, Congo): a person who is ready to forgive any abuse for the first time, to tolerate it a second time, but never a third time. 3. Litost (Czech): a state of torment created by the sudden sight of one’s own misery 4. Duende (Spanish): a climactic show of spirit in a performance or […]

The Father of English language UK is way behind India in the number of English speaking people

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Sep 202011
The Father of English language UK is way behind India in the number of English speaking people

India has left UK way behind in the number of English speaking people. It’s quite surprising as English was popularized by the people of England mostly in the world still India has more people who speak their language. India has 125,344,736 people who speak English while UK has only 59,600,000. The number of people are double in the Asia’s rising super power. English is also the official language of India and it used for communications in all the government departments here. This West Germanic Language plays on […]

Top 5 Interesting Topics of Conversation

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Sep 192011

Once you realize that, you’ll see that for interesting topics of conversation come from everyday life and things that we all have in common. Then you’ll realize it’s not so difficult to think of them. Don’t think you have to be controversial and go for risky topics like politics and religion; you don’t. In fact, to do so would be a mistake. Whatever topic you choose should make people relaxed and happy to talk; controversial subjects don’t do that. Think instead about what all people share: families, […]

5 Great Tips to Improve Your Spoken English

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Sep 022011

English is one of the most popular languages in the World. It is spoken by billions  around the World. Read these tips carefully to get 5 important English speaking ways: Do Pay Attention to Grammar: Pay attention to grammar when you speak. If you don’t know the rules, take a grammar class and ask English-speaking friends to correct you. Set Time for Yourself: Think any topic for you and try to speak very fast by setting few seconds for yourself. Do this in front of good English […]

Aug 292011

For the best spoken English classes, perfect English speaking course, advance grammar lessons, great personality development classes, good interview sessions, LSE is the best training coaching center in West Delhi at Rajouri Garden to learn English. LSE from Wabs Talks is getting really popular among the English learners due to its quality coaching. I, my self, have done 3 months course here and learned many things about the beautiful language. I completely transformed my personality with the help of LSE. I got to know plenty of […]

Aug 172011

Today, I would share my experience with you. I accidentally found a great spoken English which must be the best one in Delhi. Their teaching methods were very easy and I learnt many things. Last year, my PC broke down and I went to Rajouri Garden’s Gupta Place to get it repaired. The computer engineer told me that he would take 1 hr. to repair. So, I was just passing my time roaming around the building. Suddenly, I saw the English Speaking sign board on […]

Jun 182011

I joined 3 English institutes for learning good English speaking and writing skills but nothing happened. Finally, I found “WABS”, and it was the decision of my life. Earlier, I joined ICEL at Vikas Puri, British English Academy and Inlingua and I got very disappointed from their poor response. I decided not to take admission in any other English institute then one day, my friend told me about “WABS”,. At first, I ignored but when she told me about their teaching pattern I was impressed. Next day, […]

Jun 182011

PEP TALK at Rajouri Garden is one of best English learning institutes not only in Delhi but also in the whole India, according to me. I just completed my course from the institute. And, I experienced the best teaching method ever. I was taught with simple and unique ways, and the speaking sessions there were awesome. I was very weak when I joined PEP TALK, but now pretty good in writing blogs and interacting in the English with the people as well. Faculties over there […]

Jun 182011

Recently, I found that many people find it difficult on internet to search good English learning institutes of Delhi. Here, I’m sharing my experience after doing a survey and attending classes in one of these institutes which might help you. There are many institutes with so many fake reviews that’s why I have decided to help you guys know about the real institutes. So, enjoy the top 5 list of English and Public Speaking institutes: Pep Talk India, Rajouri Garden: I personally did a course […]