Let’s Have a Look World’s Top 5 Biggest Football Stadiums

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Sep 142013

It is said that if football was a nation, it would be the largest nation in the world. With such a massive fan-base it is only natural that the biggest and most well capitalized clubs in the world will require equally massive arenas to house their armies of supporters, and to put on the kind of show that is demanded of them. Football stadiums are today the pre-eminent “Arena Experience” in the world, and we have made a list of the 5 biggest stadiums in […]

5 Unknown Things About Football

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Sep 172011
5 Unknown Things About Football

Football or Soccer is the most popular game around. People are crazy for this beautiful game. Here are some interesting secrets and facts: # Soccer is called football everywhere except North America. # In America, the game of ‘Grid Iron’ is actually known as ‘football’. # Edson Arantes do Nascimento, who is best known as “Pele”, played in four FIFA World Cup competitions (Sweden-1958, Chile-1962, England-1966, and Mexico-1970), and scored over 1,200 goals in his career before finally retiring in 1977. # The Romans played a game named […]

Sep 082011

I’ve always been a huge fan of Football. I never miss a chance to play or watch this beautiful game. My biggest weakness in Football has been penalty kicks. I have always thought that I’m very bad in taking them. But, this video makes me feel comfortable whenever I watch it. During Tuesday’s Egypt Cup match between Ahly and Kima Aswan, Ahly striker Amir Sayoud struck a penalty kick of dreams. Luckily, this penalty cock-up by Algerian striker Amir Sayoud for Egyptian superstars Ahly didn’t cost […]

Sep 042011

Football (Soccer) and Cricket are among the most popular games in the world. These games have huge money, name and fame. Billions of people are die hard fans of these wonderful sports. Let’s see which game wins in the comparison below: How Many Teams are there in Football and Cricket Football has more teams and playing nations than cricket. In cricket, there are only 9 Test Playing nations. But Football is played in 203 countries. In cricket world cup, hardly 14 to 16 countries participate. […]