Dec 142011
Carl L. Bankston defends Swamy on Harvard Issue.

  Carl L. Bankston III , Professor of Sociology at Tulane University in New Orleans defends Dr Swamy in his article  Some of the important point he makes are given below At the most basic level, an employer is making a decision about the continuation of an employee on the basis of political activities completely unrelated to the job, there being no support whatsoever for the claim that Swamy “might” be unfair to some students.  The petitioners also raised questions about Swamy’s ability to treat all […]

Dec 102011

Honorable Sir/Madam I happened to read this statement about Dr Swamy from Harvard University, and I think I have something to share with you. There are some doubts and some clarifications, and also hope you will be reading this when you get enough time for it. ‘In short, we the undersigned condemn Subramanian Swamy and the views that he has expressed in the strongest terms,’ they added. ‘Someone who voices such ideas while continuing to teach at Harvard seriously compromises the university’s integrity, undermining its […]

Harvard succumbs to “Liberals” pressure, removes two courses by Dr Swamy

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Dec 082011

Harvard Crimson reports “Although Harvard chose to stand by Swamy in August in an effort to affirm its declared commitment to free speech, faculty members shot down his two courses, effectively removing him from Harvard’s teaching roster”   Some members of the facuallity commented as follows Swamy’s article was not a product of free speech—but of hate speech. Swamy’s position on disenfranchisement] is like saying Jewish Americans and African Americans should not be allowed to vote unless they acknowledge the supremacy of white Anglo Saxon […]

Jul 202011
Mark Zuckerberg can still finish his degree - Harvard University

Famous Harvard dropout billionaire of Facebook ‘Mark Zukerberg’ has still been given the option to complete his studies and get degree by Harvard University President Drew Faust while speaking at Facebook’s California headquarters. “When I talked to Mark in January he said he still has his Harvard email, so he is still on leave,” Faust joked with the company’s staff and interns, many of whom were Harvard alumni and current students. “Taking a year off from Harvard to start a company or follow an opportunity abroad, for […]