Nov 242011
Guru Tegh Bahadur Shaheedi Divas : The Sikh guru who sacrificed his life for Hindu's Protection

   Guru Tegh Bahadur was the ninth Guru of Sikhs. Today is his Shaheed Divas. Do Hindus know him ? If we do not remember him and his sacrifice for Hindu protection, no god will forgive us. Kashmiri Hindus were targetted by mughal emperor Aurangazeb, as they refused to convert to Islam. Finally they decided to approach Guruji, who advised them to send a petition to Aurangazb that “If Guruji converts to Islam , all will follow”. They did as per his advise and Aurangazeb […]

Sep 242011

QUETTA: Minorities in Pakistan, particularly Hindus, are being looted, raped, kidnapped for ransom, killed and forced to convert to Islam, according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan’s (HRCP). “Hundreds of Hindus have been forced to accept Islam as a religion over a last couple of years. They are facing the hell of a time these days.” Many Hindus have now stopped sending their children to school because of a lack of security. Traders, doctors and retailers are being kidnapped or threatened, said the chairman of […]

Fearing terror attacks, 37 more Hindus left Pakistan

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Aug 292011
Fearing terror attacks, 37 more Hindus left Pakistan

Murders, kidnappings, looting of Hindu families are on high all around the Pakistan. They are selling their properties at cheap rates and wrapping up their businesses at the cost of big loss. Though many Pakistani leaders have assured them security but still they are being butchered in many parts of Pak. Recently, 5 families including 37 Hindus have left Pakistan for India due to security reasons. “We want safe places for our kids and Pakistan is only getting dangerous to live”, one of them said […]