What Do You Really Want from Yoga?

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Jun 292011

Are you looking for a healthy mindset, fitness, spiritual guidance, holistic health, self-improvement, success, or just more oxygen? Yoga can deliver all of these, but I doubt you find all of this “under one roof.” The reason is that there are many kinds of Yoga, and some ashrams, or Yoga schools, will address some of the above-mentioned needs as priorities. Do you ever wonder why some people are so successful in life? I am not talking about someone who has “everything handed to them.” What […]

What to Learn from Steve Jobs of Apple

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Jun 292011

How to Get Everything by Following Steve Jobs of Apple Rocky: Eric, can you tell me, who is Steve Jobs ? Eric: Steve Jobs is the CEO of Apple Inc., but why are you asking ? Rocky: Actually, my friends were talking about him and saying Steve Jobs is great personality. What’s so great about him, Eric? Eric: I have always been a big fan of Mr. Steve Jobs too, because his struggle really inspires youngsters. Jobs was adopted as a baby boy with the […]