Apr 252016
5 Amazing Tea Plantation Hotels in India

Lush tea gardens spread across vast stretches of undulating hills have always lured travellers with their beauty. Whether you look at a picture or you drive past one of these tea gardens, you will always feel an urge to spend some quality time amidst the greens. Living in the middle of a tea estate can offer the perfect environment to get rid of the daily stress and relax in company of some fine quality tea. Here are five amazing tea plantation hotels that you must […]

Apr 192016
Top 5 places where you can spot tigers in India

Here’s some good news for wildlife lovers. According to the census this year, global tiger population has increased by nearly 22 per cent after decades of constant decline. From a count of 3,200, in 2010, the number of tigers has gone up to 3,890 this year. The environmentalists are happy with the situation and are ready to give full credit to the tiger conservation department. “The number has increased mainly due to good protection plans. I must say, both the government and non-government sectors have […]

Apr 042016
Top 5 Boathouses in India for a Perfect Holiday

Living on the river is just an amazing thing, where you can sit and relax and at the same time feel the cool breeze. However, in India houseboats are being quite neglected, reasons are many— some believe that they are not safe, while some consider them too expensive. But the truth is different as houseboats provide a unique experience of floating on water with all the conveniences of a luxury hotel. They can come in all sizes and shapes— up to 67’ feet long or […]

Mar 222016
5 Mysteries Of India That Have Yet To Be Satisfactorily Exlained

India might be a strange and mystical land for tourists, but for those of us who were raised here and live here, it’s just home. We don’t think of it as being a place where cases defy all scientific explanation and stubbornly refuse to get solved. However, that is exactly what happened with the following cases: 1. Kongka La Pass UFO Base In a disputed territory (Aksai Chin) between India and China, lies a low ridge pass called Kongka La; due to its location in […]

Mar 112016
Samsung emerges as the most trusted brand in the country followed by Sony: Survey

Samsung is followed by Sony and LG; Tata Group is only Indian company to make it in the top 5. South Korean smartphone maker Samsung Mobiles has emerged as the most trusted brand in the country followed by Sony and LG, while Tata Group is the only Indian corporate to figure in the top five, a survey said. The survey was conducted among 2,500 respondents, aged 21-50, across 16 cities and its findings have been compiled in ‘The Brand Trust Report, India Study 2016’. As […]

Mar 112016
Amazon Beats Flipkart to Become India’s Buzziest Brand

Flipkart, which was the buzziest brand last year, has been dethroned by Amazon which has been hailed as India’s Buzziest Brand. But Flipkart is not #2 in the list, as Airtel has climbed 7 spots this year to be ranked at #2 behind Amazon. Flipkart, which was #1 last year, is now ranked #3. Last year, Amazon was ranked #25 but due to their intense focus on Indian consumers, and their attempt to get into the psyche of Indian mindset has certainly helped them. Contributed […]

Jan 152016
India ranks tops as being the birthplace for immigrant engineers and scientists in the US

Continuing the trend, India tops among all the Asian countries as being the birthplace for immigrant engineers and scientists in the US. According to a report the country sends about 950,000 scientists and engineers out of Asia’s total 2.96 million, representing an increase of 85% from 2003. The number of scientists and engineers residing in the US has risen from 21.6 million to 29 million were born in India. The calculations are based from 2003 to 2013 and the 10 year increase also encountered a […]

Jan 122016
Top 5 Bans in India 2015

2015 saw so many bans in the country that it almost felt like ban was the theme of the nation. While some of them were bizarre, others made us think if we have clocked back to sometime in the 16th century. Although social media and the general public rose in protest against most of them, government implemented those they were adamant on, no matter how embarrassing tweet landed on any politician’s twitter handle. So, at the end of the ban year, we thought of revising […]

Jan 052016
5 Amazing Restaurants That Opened In India 2015

At this wrap up session, there are certain elements of last year that we tend to continue with, in the next year as well. The list will comprise of good books, films, clubs, restaurants and more. Here is a look at the restaurants that came up in 2015 across India, and are by now top choices among food lovers. The places are also in lime light when it comes to a memorable New Year start. Here is the list of restaurants, which if you have […]

Jan 022016
5 Best Places in India to Catch Snowfall in January

Each of these Indian destinations are eagerly waiting to make you experience the magic of a fresh snowfall, accompanied by some hot chocolate, and a long walk on snow with your loved ones. Auli, Uttarakhand It is the oldest city of Uttarakhand, and during the time of snowfall, this place becomes no less than a dreamland. Here, you can experience the most stunning panoramic views. We are sure that in spite of freezing temperature, you would be tempted to take a long walk in the […]

Jan 022016
Take a Look! Top 5 Upcoming Cars in India 2016

Auto world is evolving by the day and one of the latest trends that have gripped the Indian automobile market is the Automated Manual Transmission technology (AMT). We already have a handful of cars in the domestic market that come equipped with AMT boxes and needless to say, they are giving their makers a good number in terms of sales. As the trend in the industry is changing, more and more car makers are getting ready to offer their valuable customers what they want. Here […]

Dec 302015
New Year 2016: Top Destinations to Visit On New Year's Eve in India

As 31 December, 2015, when it is time to bid farewell to the past year and welcome a new one, comes closer, people are browsing through the Internet and taking suggestions from party buffs for the right venues to spend the first minutes of 2016. However, there will be those people who would have booked tickets to celebrate the new year out of station. Apart from parties in metropolitan cities, including Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Bengaluru, there are several beautiful destinations in India […]

Dec 282015
India to become the world's third largest economy after 2030, Britain 4th: Study

India could become the world’s third largest economy after 2030 and its ascension could see France and Italy kicked out of the exclusive G8 group or its membership increased to 10 to accommodate India and Brazil, according to a new study. According to a report, China will overtake the US as the largest economy in the world in 2029 with the US slipping to second place and India close behind at third. Contributed By Sonia Narula

Dec 232015
India's Top Cricket Stars Seek Marital Bliss in 2015

Suresh Raina marries Priyanka Chaudhary in April Soon after India’s World Cup campaign ended, middle-order batting mainstay Suresh Raina married childhood friend Priyanka Chaudhary in a glittering ceremony. The wedding ceremony was attended by the who’s who of the cricket world including India’s limited-overs captain MS Dhoni, then ICC chairman N. Srinivasan, West Indeis all-rounder Dwayne Bravo and former New Zealand captain Stephen Fleming. By the end of 2015, a lot had changed in Raina’s life – his form had dipped siginificantly and he blamed […]