Scientists transform iPhones into medical imaging devices

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Dec 072011

A team from University of California,   Davis has given a iPhone surprisingly capable chemical detection and imaging powers thus transforming it into a microscope .  The main advantage of this is that it is simple to use and less expensive  plus it adds spectroscopy to its list of abilities . iPhones with such added senses can be especially useful to medical professionals in developing nations where access to quality laboratory equipment can be sketchy at best. This creation will help doctors and other medical professionals in rural areas  .  You […]

iPhone 4S to sell for Rs 44,500 in India

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Nov 192011

Airtel will be selling iPhone 4S base model(16 GB) at Rs 44,500 whereas top-end 64 GB will cost Rs 57,500. The 32 GB willbe sold for Rs 50,900. Airtel will be launching three models of iPhone 4S in India on November 25. The prices of existing models of iPhone to have been revised upwards. Bharti Airtel has already started taking pre-orders for 16 and 32 GB variants of the iPhone 4S on its online store. Anticipating rush, both Airtel and Aircel had earlier announced they […]

Nov 102011
iPhone 4S Better Than iPhone !

Consumer reports one of the influential magazines for the product review  has given thumbs up to new Apple iPhone 4S .Apple’s newest smartphone (the iPhone 4S) performed very well in the tests, and while it closely resembles the iPhone 4 in appearance, it doesn’t suffer the reception problem which was there in its predecessor . Consumer Reports said the iPhone 4 continues to lose signal strength when a spot is touched on the device’s lower left side while in an area with a weak signal. APPLE has received some […]

Delhi’s Diwali: The guy lost his BMW and iPhone in a gamble

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Oct 252011
Delhi's Diwali: The guy lost his BMW and iPhone in a gamble

The 19 year old BBA Student ‘Pritish’ lost his BMW, iPhone, Zippo Lighter and 45,000 cash in a gamble. “We ran out of cash midway through the game. So we started betting smaller things like lighters and watches. We all bet our cars and in the end I lost mine. I’ve had to hand over my keys to my friend. But I will win it back next weekend,” said the confident, young BBA student. Most of these parties fall into the grey area of The […]

Oct 072011
Legendary Steve Jobs No More

THE Steve Jobs has died. It’s a black day for the technology world. Father of the third Apple that changed the world is no more. “Three apples have changed the world. One seduced Eve. Second awakened Newton. The Third one was in the hands of Jobs.” via Steve Jobs: The monk who left India to make i-Products – The Times of India. I got the news from twitter like many others. From the initial few tweets I couldn’t fathom it, few more tweets with #RIPSteveJobs […]

Oct 062011
Steve Jobs' biography would keep encouraging us

Steve Jobs’ death is a big blow to the world. The man, who gave the world iPod and iPhone, will no longer be showing his amazing presentation skills. His struggle and great contribution to the technology industry will always be remembered. “Steve died at 56 peacefully today surrounded by his family,” his relatives said in a statement. Steve Jobs always struggled hard through out his life. In his childhood, he went through very tough times. His parents gave him up for adoption and Steven was adopted […]