Apr 092016
Italy becomes World’s Largest Wine Producer

The International Organisation said that Italy produced 49 million hectares last year with France following with 47 million. France regained the top spot from Italy in 2014 after it had last held it in 2011, Italy was the largest producer in both 2012 and 2013. After a dry and sunny 2015, the harvest was smaller than in 2014, but the quality of the grapes was high. Global wine consumption has risen 6% since 2000, with the Chinese expected to become the world’s leading consumers by […]

Nov 052015
Italy becomes biggest wine producer in the world 2015, France second

Italy is the biggest wine producer in the world this year, pushing France back into second place, as good weather in most European countries pushes up production — and keeps a lid on prices for consumers. The European Union’s farm federation said that quality and yields of the harvest were good, with production rising 2.7 percent to 171.2 million hectoliters. Contributed By Sonia Narula

Oct 092015
Italy overtakes France to become the world’s largest wine producer

Italy has overtaken France to become the world’s largest wine producer this year, according to European Union data. The figures submitted to the European Commission in mid-September show total output approaching 50 million hectolitres. One reason for the rise in Italian output is simply that the 2014 harvest was particularly bad due to the weather. Despite this year’s overall good conditions some vineyards were forced to use emergency irrigation in the July heat. Contributed By Sonia Narula

Mar 172015
Italy becomes world's eighth-largest arms exporters

Italy is the eighth-largest exporter of major weapons in the world and is increasing its share of foreign sales, largely owing to the financial crisis, a military expenditure expert. Italy accounted for three percent of the share of international arms exports between 2010 and 2014, up from two percent in the four preceding years, based on data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). The increase puts the bel paese in the same league as Spain and Ukraine, but short of the UK’s four […]

Sikhs will not have to remove their turbans, says Italy

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Jun 182011

Now, there is good news for Sikh community. Sikhs travelling to Italy will no longer have to remove their turbans at the airport during security screening. The turban will be accepted as a symbol of religion when Sikhs are photographed for identification cards at local police stations in Italy. Official sources said this was a “big achievement” for Indian diplomacy. This was officially announced by the Italian interior ministry after bilateral discussions between foreign minister SM Krishna and his Italian counterpart, Franco Frattini, in Rome […]