Aug 162011
Government prepares to shift Kalmadi, Raja and Kanimozhi as they might join Anna's movement in Tihar Jail

Central government is afraid of Gandhiian “Anna Hazare” even in Tihar Jail. According to the government sources, Kalmadi, A.Raja and Kanimozhi are planning to join Anna’s movement to save their faces. Even scam-tainted Tihar Jail prisoners have understood the importance of strong anti-corruption law. When will the Government understand ? Twitter is full of such humorous tweets. Everyone is tweeting only about Tihar Jail, Anna, Kalmadi, A. Raja and Kanimozhi. While thousands are protesting still many Indians on Twitter are busy in making pranks. Here […]

Thanks Raja and Kalmadi for bringing India together

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Jun 182011
Thanks Raja and Kalmadi for bringing India together

I would like to thank A.Raja for 2G scam and Suresh Kalmadi for Commonwealth Games scam. Without their support, Indians might not be united against corruption. If Raja and Kalmadi hadn’t been involved in such a big scams, perhaps Anna Hazare Ji wouldn’t have got such a huge support. It was Raja and Kalmadi who irked Indians a lot against corruption. Anna ji just added fuel to the fire. I think, both these ministers must be awarded with a death sentence for such a great […]