Dec 082011
BSKS to sit on indefinite hunger strike from tomorrow

(Courtesy : Washington Post) Bagga and his Kranthi sena are going to sit on an indefinite hunger strike as police prevented them from giving roses to kapil Sibal. Bhagat Singh Kranthi Sena president said : From tomorrow we are going to sit on indefinite hunger strike at Jantar Mantar against the restrictions on Indian youth freedom of expression by Hitler Kapil Sibbal & against the case on us for giving flower. We believe we don’t break any law by giving flowers & get well soon […]

FIR against BSKS activists for Gandhigiri protests against Kapil Sibal

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Dec 072011
FIR against BSKS activists for Gandhigiri protests against Kapil Sibal

  Tajjinder Singh Bagga and his Sena this time planned to protest in a novel way : Ie Gandhian way. Like Munna bhai of the reel world they decided to do Gandhigiri to Kapil Sibal. Morning Bagga tweeted Reach 19,Saat Murti Marg at 4 PM today to give flowers & Get Well Soon greeting to mental patient Shri Kapil Sibbal,(Near RaceCourse Metro) A little later another tweet came.. We are in front of Kapil sibbal home with red roses. aprox 100 police pplz are there […]

4G services in INDIA BY 2012

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Nov 062011
4G services in INDIA BY 2012

After the success of 3G in India the Telecom Minister has assured the people that the 4g services will be available by the End of 2012 . He also added that our spectrum  has large capabilities that can accommodate 4G.  Also seeing the success of 3G the various big players in this sector have alreday started working 4G. The 4G services provide a data rate of 500 MB/sec when device moving at high speed of around 100 kilometer (high mobility) per hour and 1 Gigabit per second for low mobility. So you […]

Aug 282011
I was talking to Kapil Maharaj not Kapil Sibal: Agnivesh

After the huge criticism over his alleged talk with Kapil Sibal, Swami Agnivesh finally faced the media and told that he was talking to Kapil Maharaj not minister Kapil Sibal. He also denied the further details of Kapil Maharaj and also praised Anna Hazare. When asked by the Star News about his controversial chat with Kapil Sibal, Swami Agnivesh said, “I didn’t talk to Kapil Sibal in fact that was my very good friend Kapil Maharaj”. I also respect Anna ji from my heart and […]

Aug 282011

Former team Anna member Swami Agnivesh’s shocking video recently leaked on the internet. He can clearly be heard talking to Kapil Sibal about the Anna’s movement. Agnivesh told Sibal that Anna should have respected PM and broken the fast after the appeal from the Prime Minister. Everyone knows that the differences between team Anna and Swami Agnivesh have widened and Agivesh is no more the part of Anna’s movement. If this video is true then Swami Agnivesh is going to face a lot of criticism. […]

Aug 182011
Anna's movement is a Madari show: Kapil Sibal's father

Union HRD and telecom minister Kapil Sibal’s father and senior advocate Hira Lal Sibal called Anna’s movement a “Madari show”. He also told media that Anna is playing with people’s emotions. “Anna is on the wrong platform, he should have entered into parliament after contesting elections then he could raise his voice”, said Hira Lal Sibal. Meanwhile, a group of protestors supporting Anna Hazare’s campaign against corruption held a peaceful motorcycle rally in city on Tuesday. While passing through the city roads, protestors’ halted for […]

Jul 082011

Sibal abused his position as minister to over-rule the unanimous view taken by senior DoT officials including the Telecom Secretary, to benefit a private operator by closing the issue with only a penalty of Rs 5 crore. An NGO on Thursday moved the Supreme Court seeking CBI probe against Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal and Attorney General G.E. Vahanvati in connection with 2G spectrum issue. The application filed by Centre for Public Interest Litigation (CPIL) alleged that Mr. Sibal reduced the penalty to Rs 5 crore […]