Dec 072011

Indian Army Fans Page which had more than 4 lac fans have been banned or deleted by the Facebook under the Congress government new policy. This follows Kapil Sibal meeting with the social network officials. Now A new page has been created We want Indian Army Fans Page back Unconfirmed reports suggests pages like shresthbhara t(7000 fans) and ‘india against congress(13757 fans ) also faced ban in the past. We are informed by Tajjinder Bagga, president of BhagathSinghKranthiSena, who conducts protest campaign against anti nationals.

Dec 062011
Sibal,Digvijaya,Sonia trends on Twitter while they want to censor Internet

Not more than a day passed since Kapil Sibal made comments on controlling internet and social networking sites, the netizens are trending him in India. The below are the typical tweets on the issue.. RT @purple_truths Kapil Sibal successfully renames Internet as “International Gandhi Upload-download Scheme” Mediacrooks : Dear Kapil Sibal now youve made Sonia Gandhi trend! Youve caused her more damage than the social network… LOL! @kiranks :   Is Kapil Sibal competing with Diggy Raja to win “The Most Loyal Sonia Gandhi Sycophant” award? @kapil_dev  […]