Dec 152015
Top 5 Overseas Property Markets

Thanks to an uber-strong dollar, foreign markets in recession and worse, and rapidly expanding middle classes in key locations, we are amidst what I refer to as a golden age for the purchase of real estate overseas. Here are five markets in particular that offer tremendously appealing lifestyle advantages and investment upside at the same time: #1: Medellín, Colombia One of my favorite cities in the world in a country whose prospects I’m more bullish on all the time, Medellín is a top choice right […]

Dec 092015
5 Best Christmas Markets in the World

Christmas shopping has evolved. Internet commerce has turned the idea of the store on its head, and every year, more and more shoppers flock online. A world away with Black Friday lines and increasingly obsolete cash-only Santas at malls, this time of year brings out perhaps the best tradition of the holiday season: the Christmas market. These outdoor fairs celebrate everything old and charming about the holidays. Wood shacks, mulled cider, handicrafts that lose their charm almost entirely on January 1 — this is where […]

Let’s Have a Look Best Markets in Delhi for Shoping

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Jan 252014
Let's Have a Look Best Markets in Delhi for Shoping

The beating heart of Delhi was originally christened Shahjahanabad. Exploring always leaves you dumb founded at things you discover at its busiest markets in Old Delhi. You need to have special skills to maneuver between busy lanes, massive traffic, cows, noise and people everywhere. It transforms you to an old world charm, distinct to its origin. Be ready to have a long drawn battle for a good bargain and patience to choose from the cornucopia of shops and places to eat. Despite the chaos you […]