Let’s Know 5 Myths About India’s Poverty

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Jun 202014
Let’s Know 5 Myths About India’s Poverty

As India’s new government takes the helm, the once-elusive goal of eliminating extreme poverty in India finally appears within the country’s reach. But does exiting extreme poverty really guarantee that the poor can attain a decent life? This question has particular urgency in India, the world’s largest democracy and home to one-third of the world’s extremely poor. This year marks approximately two decades since India embarked on major economic reforms — and although official poverty rates have declined sharply since then, millions of citizens continue […]

Oct 032011

Humans use only 10% of their brains Simple tasks require specific brain areas, anything complicated requires far more than 10% of the brain; magnetic imaging has documented this and scientists are basically in agreement about brain functions. Thomas Edison invented the Lightbulb A closer examination takes us to 1809, when Englishman Humphry Davy created an arc lamp. A decade later, Warren De la Rue built the first sealed lightbulb and in 1840, William Robert Grove lit an entire room of lamps. Unfortunately, the products were expensive with questionable durability. Eight scientists […]

Top 5 Myths and Misconceptions about Alcohol

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Sep 242011

There are many myths and misconceptions about alcohol, which our friends tell us as right advice, but what is truth behind it? We will come to know with these top 5 reasons: A cold coffee or shower reduce effect of alcohol: A cold shower or black coffee won’t reduce the alcohol concentration in your blood. Cold showers simply awaken your senses and tend to make you more alert; as does some fresh air. Hot coffee is the worst cure as the caffeine will only aggravate your […]