Sep 242011

Though we know what causes lightning, there is still more to learn about these mysterious sparks of electricity. Here, I’ve shared my information related to lightning: 1) Lightning can’t cause plane crash because most of the airplanes are made of aluminum these days, and it is a good conductor of electricity. 2) Buildings and cars are safer at the time of lightning if you don’t touch any electrical thing. Water can be very dangerous under these circumstances, stay safe and alert. 3) Lightning can damage your electronics things […]

Sep 032011
Top 5 Biggest Tsunami Disasters In History

Earthquakes and Volcanoes create big Tsunamis mostly. Though, all the biggest Tsunamis of history created by major earthquakes. Earthquakes create disturbance below sea level and Tsunami is formed. Japan has faced the highest number of Tsunamis “195? till date. Here is the list of Top 5 Tsunamis ever: 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami: It must be the biggest Tsunami disaster in a history. Around 227,898 people died from the various countries. Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India were worst affected. The earthquake also know as “Sumatra Andaman earthquake” in […]

Have you ever seen Tsunami in the Sky ? If not, see this….

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Aug 082011
Have you ever seen Tsunami in the Sky ? If not, see this....

Our nature is truly beyond our imagination. The lucky ones can really see its miracles. Mike Hollingstead from Extreme Instability is truly a champion. He is the first one, who has captures the Tsunami in the sky. Mike has been chasing storms for many years. What he has captured, that would be most fascinating pics of nature. Follow News of Delhi on Twitter and Facebook.