Feb 032016
America, New Zealand and Canada become world’s most generous nations: Report

America has been named as the world’s most generous nation in the world, where its citizens give the most to charity, according to a new report. The USA, New Zealand and Canada have the highest rate of charitable donations as a percentage gross domestic product (GDP), the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) found. The UK had the fourth highest rate of charitable donations in a study of 24 nations and topped all other EU countries that were looked at. Contributed By Sonia Narula

Dec 172015
New Zealand ranks as the world's 9th best country in global

New Zealand has been ranked as one of the best countries in the world in a global snapshot of living standards, income and health. New Zealand was jointly ranked alongside Canada as the ninth best. The top five countries out of 188 were unchanged from last year’s rankings, with Norway in the top spot, followed by Australia, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands. Contributed By Sonia Narula

Apr 162015
New Zealand ranks 8th in top most powerful passports in the world

Arton Capital’s ‘Passport Index’ is an interactive website which “collects, displays and ranks the passports of the world.” The higher the Visa Free Score, the higher the “Passport Power Rank.” Unsurprisingly, the US and UK are the most widely accepted in the world with 147 nations opening their doors to travellers visa-free. Tied for second place are France, Germany, and South Korea, with 145 countries. New Zealand has a passport power ranking of 8, with 139 possible visa-free countries to visit. Contributed By Sonia Narula

New Zealand’s stunning Aoraki/Mount Cook Shrinks by 100 Feet: Officially declared

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Jan 162014
New Zealand's stunning Aoraki/Mount Cook Shrinks by 100 Feet: Officially declared

New Zealand’s stunning Aoraki/Mount Cook, the country’s tallest peak, is officially 98 feet (30 meters) shorter than previously thought. According to the latest research, While currently officially listed as 12,316 feet (3,754 meters) tall, GPS data from an Otago-led climbing expedition reveal that Aoraki/Mount Cook is actually only 12,217 feet (3,724 m) high. Capped by a brilliant crown of snow and ice, Aoraki/Mount Cook towers above the Southern Alps on New Zealand’s South Island. Contributed By Sonia Narula