Jan 052016
5 Amazing Restaurants That Opened In India 2015

At this wrap up session, there are certain elements of last year that we tend to continue with, in the next year as well. The list will comprise of good books, films, clubs, restaurants and more. Here is a look at the restaurants that came up in 2015 across India, and are by now top choices among food lovers. The places are also in lime light when it comes to a memorable New Year start. Here is the list of restaurants, which if you have […]

Oct 212015
Top 10 Fine-Dining Restaurants in India

There are good restaurants, and then there are great ones. The good ones offer a pleasing experience and a tasty meal. However, just once in a while, you come across a restaurant which blows you away. You may not go there often, the last time you visited may be months back, but you will always end up raving about it to others in conversations about food. In a country like India where we love our food and restauranteurs keep upping the game in the culinary […]

Oct 072015
Top 5 Oldest Restaurants in the World

Even if you’re not a history buff, you have to admit: The world’s oldest restaurants hold a certain mystique, especially when it means following in the footsteps some of the greatest artists and intellectuals of all time. 1. St. Peter Stiftskeller – Salzburg, Austria Operating continuously since 803, this inn has purportedly served the likes of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Christopher Columbus. But despite the storied history, don’t expect dated cuisine: The restaurant’s kitchen, run by chef Andreas Krebs, offers a mix of refined Austrian […]

Let’s Have a Look Top 5 Celebrity-Owned Restaurants in India

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Nov 052014
Let's Have a Look Top 5 Celebrity-Owned Restaurants in India

You love them but do you love their food? You won’t know unless you give it a go. Many celebrities like Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Arjun Rampal, Sushmita Sen and others have ventured into the restaurant business. These stars own everything from classy restaurants to cool joints. And since we love food and can never get enough of stars — celebrity restaurants are just the perfect combo! Also for spoilers let us tell you that the menus also include the favourite dishes of their owners. Here […]

India’s Top 5 Best Restaurants

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Sep 262013

It is a well-known fact that we Indians are big foodies. We know how to cook our food and more importantly, we know how to enjoy it. Fortunately, Indians are not only experts when it comes to their own cuisine but have also embraced delicacies from all over the world- Thai, Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean and much more. Several restaurants from India have earned national and even global fame for their delicious dishes and innovative method of serving. Here are the 5 Best Restaurants in India. […]

Top 5 Chinese Food Restaurants in Delhi

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Jul 302013

Irrespective of the condition of Indo-China relationship at the borders, Chinese cuisines have always proved to be profoundly popular among the urban population. The sting of vinegar and the tenderness of the dim sums have seduced our taste buds for years. Delhi being the capital of the country has some of the finest collections of such Chinese restaurants where the city-dwellers flock-in with their friends & families on weekends, or couples seeks a cozy refuge on their way back from work in the misty corners […]