Facebook only has five years left

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Jun 202011

DIGITAL consumer expert Jeffrey Cole gives social networking giant Facebook five years before its audience begins to splinter. He said, “Facebook will be dead in next five years”. Dr Cole, who predicted the decline of MySpace at an earlier appearance he made for Ninemsn in Sydney four years ago, said it would take longer for Facebook’s dominance to be challenged because of its global scale. “The same thing will happen to Facebook but it’s going to take a lot longer,” Dr Cole said. Dr Cole, […]

Do Women have poor networking skills?

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Jun 202011

Women may be adept at socializing anywhere – even their workplace, but when it comes to networking skills, they fail miserably, says a new study. Gail McGuire, chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Indiana University South Bend, found in her study that because women are typically in lower-status positions, they do not receive assistance that will help with future career goals. “We need to look at informal professional structures, not formal ones. These are the real sources of inequality,” McGuire said. McGuire […]