Mar 092016
New Zealand ranks 5th "most literate" country in the world: Study

New Zealand has been ranked the fifth “most literate” country in the world in a new study – but not just when it comes to reading tests. The new study from Central Connecticut State University has ranked New Zealand as the fifth most literate country in the world, behind Finland, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden and just ahead of Norway. But the study only ranked Kiwis 11th when it came to traditional reading tests, and it was the highest availability of computers in the world and […]

Jan 302016
Brain Size Proven to be an Indication of Intelligence: Study

Researchers prove that animals with brain size proportional to their bodies were better at problem solving. It has been a long standing debate that brain size effects intelligence. The one specific detail of the argument implies that the brain size of the animal should be proportionate to their body size and structure. This is a great improvement in determining different factors of intelligence among animals and how to enhance and improve that intelligence. Contributed By Sonia Narula

Dec 282015
India to become the world's third largest economy after 2030, Britain 4th: Study

India could become the world’s third largest economy after 2030 and its ascension could see France and Italy kicked out of the exclusive G8 group or its membership increased to 10 to accommodate India and Brazil, according to a new study. According to a report, China will overtake the US as the largest economy in the world in 2029 with the US slipping to second place and India close behind at third. Contributed By Sonia Narula

Oct 202015
High-stress jobs may have an increased risk of stroke: Study

People who have high-stress jobs may have an increased risk of stroke. The researchers found that people who had high-stress jobs were 22 percent more likely to experience a stroke than those who had low-stress jobs. Moreover, those with high-stress jobs were 58 percent more likely to have an ischemic stroke, which is the most common type of stroke, caused by a blockage of blood flow in the brain, compared to people with low-stress jobs. Contributed By Sonia Narula

Oct 192015
More Than Half of World’s Older People Lack Long Term Care: Study

A new study by the International Labor Organization finds more than half of all people 65 years and older have no access to urgently needed long term care. The study of 46 countries covers 80 percent of the world population aged 65 and over. It finds an alarming lack of social protection for this aging population and a global shortfall of 13.6 million workers to care for its needs. The report says 300 million elderly people are incapacitated in various ways. Contributed By Sonia Narula

Sep 172015
Top 5 Hardest Courses Available in India

Before taking up a course in a university, bear in mind that no course is simple. Every educational line has its share of ups and downs, some prioritised while others may seem to come as added weight. Nonetheless, every subject has equal scope and potential. However there are some courses that require intense efforts and hard work than others, reports listabuzz. Here we look into the top 5 hardest courses available in India. Engineering Engineering is nonnegotiable as it requires a lot of input from […]

Jul 222015
Chimpanzees can quickly identify the faces like humans do

Chimpanzees can quickly identify the faces of other chimps, as well as those of human adults and babies. These new findings could shed light on human and chimp evolution, scientists say. Faces are key to human social lives, conveying key data about how one feels. As such, humans are wired to pay special attention to faces. For example, when pictures of faces are mixed in with pictures of other items such as cars and houses, people can detect the faces effortlessly. Contributed By Sonia Narula

Jul 172015
Qatar becomes the richest country in the world: Study

Qatar has been named the richest country in the world in a new study which includes all six Gulf states in the top 34. Qatar, Luxembourg and Singapore were ranked the top three in the research published this week which ranked countries by their wealth according to their gross domestic product. The Gulf state, which will host the FIFA World Cup in 2022, came top of the list with a GDP in 2013 of $105,091 per person while the UAE also featured in the world’s […]

Jun 132015
Brain works like bats’ to navigate the dark: Study

The brain maintains a sense of place and a basic ability to navigate that is independent of external clues from the eyes, ears, and other senses. You’ve probably experienced this by walking through your house in the middle of the night. A series of immersive virtual reality experiments confirms that the human brain’s internal navigation system works in the same fashion as the grid cell system, a specialized neural network discovered in rats only 10 years ago, which has since been identified in a number […]

Feb 242015
Feeling really angry or anxious can greatly increase your risk of having a heart attack: Study

Feeling really angry or anxious can greatly increase your risk of having a heart attack, especially if you feel so tense that you clench your fists, a new study reports. People’s risk of having a heart attack is 8.5 times higher during the two hours following an episode of intense anger, compared with when people feel less angry. Anxiety is even more threatening, the researchers found. People’s heart attack risk is 9.5 times higher during the two hours following elevated levels of anxiety (higher than […]

Feb 202015
Ants designate special corners in their nests as toilets: Study

Ants designate special corners in their nests as toilets, according to the first ever study done into where ants go to go, published in scientific journal Plos One. Researchers say that, ants housed in plaster nests either blue or red water to color their faeces, which helped the scientists keep track of who was dropping what where. Ants designate fixed corners exclusively for relieving themselves inside the nest. However, before anyone puts the “ant”, in “anthromorphize”, it isn’t quite clear that ants employ toilets for […]

Feb 142015
Dogs may indeed be able to discriminate between happy and angry human faces: Study

If you ever get the impression that your dog can “tell” whether you look content or annoyed, you may be onto something. Dogs may indeed be able to discriminate between happy and angry human faces, according to a new study. The researchers found that the dogs were able to pick the angry or happy face by touching a picture of it with their noses more often than one would expect by random chance. Animals had figured out how to transfer what they learned about human […]

Feb 112015
Burj Khalifa becomes world's 3rd top selfie hotspot: Study

Burj Khalifa is one of the most popular places in the world to take a selfie, a new study has found. Tourist attraction site Attraction Tix, has recently browsed through social media posts to compile a list of travel hotspots most preferred by visitors taking selfies. Based on a Google site search of Instagram, the world’s tallest tower appeared as the third most favourite attraction in the world for taking selfies, ahead of Big Ben and London Bridge in the UK, Empire State Building in […]

Monkeys can learn to recognize themselves in the mirror

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Jan 122015
Monkeys can learn to recognize themselves in the mirror

Experiments with rhesus monkeys show they can learn to recognize themselves in the mirror. That self-recognition became the basis for a test of intelligence. The chimps quickly learned to recognize themselves in the reflection and investigate the marks—above the eyebrow ridge or on the tip of their ears, out of sight without the aid of a mirror. This time, researchers shined a high-powered laser on a rhesus monkey’s face in front of a mirror. It was enough to cause some kind of sensation that made […]