May 202016
World's oldest person Susannah Mushatt Jones dies at 116

116-year-old Susannah Mushatt Jones, the world’s oldest person died in the New York city on May 12. Jones was 116 years and 311 days old. Jones was born in the year 1899. Her death has left just one person on Earth, Emma Morano, who was alive before 1900 and is also the oldest living person now. According to the report, The oldest person Jones died on May 12, 2016, giving the title to Emma Morano who is 116 years, 168 days old. She was also […]

Jul 082015
World’s oldest living person Susannah Mushatt Jones turns 116

The world’s oldest living person Susannah Mushatt Jones celebated her 116 birthday on July 6. The occasion was marked privately with her family. Jones is the daughter of Alabama sharecroppers and the third of 11 children. She has outlived all her siblings and although she has no children of her own she has more than 100 nieces and nephews. The elderly lady was presented with a certificate proclaiming that she’s now the world’s oldest living person. Jones’ recognition comes after the death in June of […]