Mar 142016
Top 5 Luxury SUV In India 2016

India is in the centre of luxury SUV currently available globally. Let us take a look at the top 5 SUV’s in India. 1.Land Rover: Range Rover The Range Rover is ultimatum when it comes to top-notch performance combined with luxury. The SUV is a hot favorite among the SUV enthusiasts with its sophisticated and modern design. The Range Rover is broadly categorised as standard wheelbase and long wheelbase, with 10 variants in between them. 2. Porsche: Cayenne Turbo S Porsche is synonymous with sports […]

Oct 242011
Beautiful Range Rover Evoque to hit India in November

Amazing and beautiful SUV Range Rover Evoque is set to be launched in India in the next month of November. Evoque would definitely give stiff competition to its rival BMW X1. The look of the Range Rover would definitely be the face of the upcoming Land Rover vehicles or even the Range Rover ones. In inner Range Rover circles, it is called as a Coupe Utility Vehicle. The twin horizontally inclined grille piece with the Range Rover name written above it feels as solid as […]