Jan 292015
China’s yuan becomes one of the top 5 most-used currencies in the world: SWIFT

China’s yuan has become one of the top five most-used currencies in the world, overtaking the Canadian dollar and the Australian dollar, according to the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), an international financial transactions agency. The yuan ranked fifth, accounting for a record 2.17 percent of global payments in December, up from 1.59 percent in October. The yuan was preceded by the Japanese yen with 2.69 percent, while the U.S. dollar topped the chart with 44.6 percent, followed by the euro and the […]

Aug 172011
New Swift Launched by Maruti Suzuki

Largest car maker of India Maruti Suzuki launched all new swift with price ranging from Rs 4.22 lakh to Rs 6.38 lakh. 500 crore has been invested to build this beautiful design of Swift. “I am confident that the new Swift will break many record with its improved fuel efficiency, stylish and sportier looks and high performance,” Maruti Suzuki India Managing Director and CEO Shinzo Nakanishi told reporters at the car’s launch event in New Delhi.   Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.