5 Crazy technologies that are revolutionizing biotech

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Oct 032014
5 Crazy technologies that are revolutionizing biotech

Biology and technology are progressing in rapid synergy with one another, bringing about startling advances in fields ranging from medicine to neuroscience to computing. Here are some of the incredible technologies that are bringing humanity closer to the technical singularity, the point at which technology will exceed human brainpower and “superintelligence” will emerge. Amazing Androids From HAL in “2001: A Space Odyssey” to the Terminator, robots have long captured the public’s imagination. But imagination is giving way to reality, with the development of increasingly lifelike […]

Oct 292011
Google Gets Power from 900,000 Servers

Google never says how many servers are running in its data centers. But new data on Google’s energy use suggests that the company is probably running about 900,000 servers. The new estimate is based on information the company shared with Stanford professor Jonathan Koomey, who has just released an updated report on data center energy usage. Google’s David Jacobowitz, a program manager on the Green Energy team, told Koomey that the electricity used by the company’s data centers was less than 1% of 198.8 billion kWh – the estimated […]

Oct 062011
Steve Jobs' biography would keep encouraging us

Steve Jobs’ death is a big blow to the world. The man, who gave the world iPod and iPhone, will no longer be showing his amazing presentation skills. His struggle and great contribution to the technology industry will always be remembered. “Steve died at 56 peacefully today surrounded by his family,” his relatives said in a statement. Steve Jobs always struggled hard through out his life. In his childhood, he went through very tough times. His parents gave him up for adoption and Steven was adopted […]

Sep 292011

Well in future robotics is the  technology which will replace all other technologies in the world. You will have automated power plants in Robots will be utilized, army of robots etc and many more. So to make a simple robot basically you need 8 building blocks which are : Regulated Power Supply RF Transmitter-receiver Encoder & decoder Microcontroller based Control Unit High Power LED and LED Driver. Motor driver Geared DC Motor Capacitors, resistors, solder, multimeter & PCB Here we design two modules basically the […]

Sep 242011

As you know that WordPress is a great organization which helps us launch blogs easily. In the beginning, I had to face some obstacles as beginner to set up a good site. I had to hack deep into the WordPress for acquiring some crucial changes. Here are 5 popular hacks and tutorials for you: How to Remove Media Library Tab in the WordPress media uploader: If you are having a WordPress site with multiple users, then obviously you would like only new images to be […]

Division of India and Pakistan can even be seen from Space

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Sep 062011
Division of India and Pakistan can even be seen from Space

These never seen before pictures are just amazing. The wonderful pictures shows a bright orange line dividing the India and Pakistan from the heavens of space. The images of the earth have been taken from the International Space Station last month, also shows busy cities show up as bright clusters. These floodlights were fixed by Indian government between India and Pakistan in Gujarat sector. Move was taken to stop infiltration, smuggling of arms and ammunitions and other things across the border.   You can also follow […]

Google+ has record 20 million users in just 3 weeks

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Jul 232011
Google+ has record 20 million users in just 3 weeks

Google has touched one more milestone. As, it’s Google plus has got 20 million users in just 3 weeks since its launch on June 28. Isn’t Facebook in real danger ? “It would be difficult to think of many sites that reached such a large number in such a short period of time,” said study author Andrew Lipsman.The spectacular early success indicates that Google Plus may well challenge Facebook once it comes out of a trial mode in which Google has strictly restricted the number […]

Google doing partiality with other Search Engines

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Jun 222011

All the other major search engines have accused Google of doing partiality. Google has been blamed for not showing their site’s results in a better manner. The European Union’s competition watchdog will investigate whether Google Inc has abused its dominant position in the online search market — the first major probe into the online giant’s business practices. The formal investigation announced follows complaints from rival search engines that Google put them at a disadvantage in both its regular and sponsored search results, by listing links […]