Dec 302014
AVOID These 5 Things for a Happy Journey in Delhi Metro

Over the years, Delhi Metro has maintained high standards of service and baring a few instances, we don’t have much to complain about. Frankly, most of us in Delhi, who have seen killer red-line buses on the road, never expected a public transport to be so convenient. But Alas! There is a sad side to this story. And, we are the culprit. Well, maybe not you, but it could be your fellow passengers. When travelling in a world-class metro, we ought to display civil behavior. […]

5 Things You Must Know About Sleep

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Apr 212014
5 Things You Must Know About Sleep

You’re tired. You could put your head down on a desk right now and fall asleep immediately. You went to bed late last night, had trouble falling asleep and woke up too early. And let’s not kid ourselves: Tonight will be the same unless … well, read on. This is the classic not-so-shut-eye experience of many Americans who think they are sleep-deprived and possibly need pills or other treatment to fix their insomnia, teeth grinding, jet lag, restless or jerky legs, snoring, sleepwalking and so […]

Read on 5 Weird Facts about the Oscars

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Mar 032014
Read on 5 Weird Facts about the Oscars

The 86th annual Academy Awards are this Sunday, March 2. Ellen DeGeneres will host, stars will schmooze, and large portions of America will tune it to see who wore it best. With “Gravity,” a tale of space peril and “Her,” a story of technology and love, in the running for Best Picture, science lovers may even have special reason to watch. But whether or not this year’s Oscars hold any surprises, the awards ceremony has a strange history. Read on for some of the weirdest […]

Top 5 Things That Unites Indians

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Jul 302013

What unites India? Ask such a question and find yourself drenched in septic arguments. The image of India as a nation is somewhat weird. This country is misgoverned by corrupt politicians chosen by ignorant people, its social structure is divided by castecism and regional politics exploits it aptly to win elections, its constitution spilt the career and education opportunities into categories, and at the same time, cultural differences are high. In Himalayan states like Himachal Pradesh, dialect of language changes almost every 30 K.M. Unification […]

5 Ways to Repair Scratched Glasses

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Sep 172011

It is possible to repair scratched glass with some simple products that are easily available at home. Let us have a look at these 5 ways: We know that nail paints are for decorating your nails, but they can also be great to repair scratches on glass. For this purpose you must use a colorless nail paint. Apply a thin coat of nail paint on the scratch and set it to dry. The excess nail paint can be cleaned with a cloth. You can also use […]

Sep 052011
Happy Teacher's Day to the greatest teacher "Chanakya"

The great “Chanakya” truly deserves to be called the greatest teacher ever born. He should also be considered as one of the wisest men of all time. His achievement is unmatched. Chanakya used to teach in one of the top most universities ‘Takshshila’ and is also the man responsible for ‘Akhand Bharat’. Dhananda (the king of Magadh during that era) disrespected him and threw him out of his palace although Chanakya went there to warn him against the the Alexandre’s invasion in India. This made Chanakya […]