Interesting Facts About Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Sep 032011
Interesting Facts About Stone Cold Steve Austin

47 years old “Stone Cold Steve Austin” is one of the most popular wrestlers in WWE history. He has many winning titles under his name. No one can deny the fact that Stone Cold has played a major role in making WWE famous all around the world. Here, I’ve written some interesting things and facts about this awesome Wrestler: Steve Austin had two names before: Austin originally born as “Steve James Anderson” then because of the second marriage of his father he was known as “Steven […]

Aug 272011
WWE wrestler Khali supports Anna Hazare

Popular World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler The Great Khali has showed his full support to Anna Hazare’s movement. His spokespersons told IANS, “Khali also dreams corruption free India everyday after Anna’s movement he has become more optimistic”. 7 feet 3 inches tall wrestler, who weighs 190 kg , said, “Anna’s movement is in the interest of country and all parties must understand this”. The wrestler said that he was “closely watching the developments in India through news channels” despite his hectic schedule. Khali, who grew up in […]