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I recently came to know that some of our favorite bollywood celebs very cute and innocent in their childhood. Here, I’ve shared my favorite ones:

1) Amitabh Bachchan – An Angry Man of Bollywood:

"Amitabh-Bachchan-Childhood Pic"

OMG ! Big B was so cute in his childhood

It’s quite astonishing how our looks and personality change over the years. Who would have imagined that this cute little child would be the superstar and rule Indian film industry.

2) Madhuri Dixit – The Hum Aapke Hain Kaun Woman:

"Madhuri-Dixit-in-Childhood Pic"

Dhak-Dhak Girl 'Madhuri' In Her School Days

Bollywood hottie ‘Madhuri Dixit’ got huge name and fame after her sexy item numbers ‘Dhak-Dhak’ and ‘Choli Ke Peeche’. But after seeing this pic., it’s hard to image that this little school girl became the super sexy and very talented actress of bollywood.

3) Aamir Khan – The Perfectionist:

"Aamir-Khan-in-Childhood Pic"

Mr.Perfectionist was so charming and cute even in childhood

Aamir Khan is widely known as ‘The Perfectionist’ of bollywood. He has given Indian film industry some its biggest hits as; 3 Idiots, RDB, Lagaan etc. Though, his childhood pic. doesn’t reveal about the child being so talented.

4) SRK – The King Khan:

"Shahrukh Khan in Childhood"

King Khan was very cute baby, WOW !

Shahrukh’s success story has been amazing. He is truly a self-made man. SRK is the most popular actor of Indian film industry world wide. Who had an idea that this kid would do wonders.

5) Katrina Kaif – The Most Beautiful Actress

"Katrina-Kaif-in-childhood Pic"

Katrina Kaif was so beautiful even in her childhood

A beautiful girl from London ‘Katrina Kaif’ is presently considered the most beautiful and sexiest film actress of bollywood. This Boom-Boom girl has huge fan following. She was so cute and charming even in her childhood.

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