Oct 082011

Famous social networking and micro-blogging site ‘Twitter’ is full of amazing things. It’s always fun to use this. Many people have made some of the craziest and funniest accounts on it. Here are some of my favourite accounts which I love to follow and always have a laugh riot reading their Tweets.

1) Aap Chu**ye Hain: This account has just amazing name with the famous author Shiv Khera’s photo as its profile pic. The account has 9,850 followers and increasing rapidly because of its crazy name and tweets. Whenever I visit this profile, I really laugh a lot.

"Funny Twitter Account"

2) Bollywood Gandu: With whopping 35,736 followers, this Gandu tweets only about bollywood celebs but its tweets are very humorous and funny. It’s always so exciting to read this account’s updates. This Bollywood Gandu claims itself to be the “Akshay Kumar’s Chest Hair Waxer”, LOL !

"Funniest Bollywood Twitter Account"

3) Chamatkari Baba: Chamatkari Baba is also quite funny. Its tweets earning him with many followers daily. With 6,104 followers, this baba is doing some real Chamatkar.

"Humorous Twitter Account"


4) Donkey Ji: This Donkey J’ is demanding ‘Bharat Ratna’ for Demanding Bharat Ratna for Koda/Kalmadi/Maino/Arundhatiji/Rahul Baba/Raju Satyamwale/Telgi/Advani/Maya/Mamta/Mulayam etc. Though this account doesn’t have more followers but its profile pic and tweets are quite humorous.

"Craziest Twitter Account"

5) Chaddi Chor: Though Chaddi Chor has few followers but its name makes me laugh whenever I think about this account, ROFL !

"Funniest Account on Twitter"

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