Sep 022011

English is one of the most popular languages in the World. It is spoken by billions  around the World. Read these tips carefully to get 5 important English speaking ways:

Do Pay Attention to Grammar: Pay attention to grammar when you speak. If you don’t know the rules, take a grammar class and ask English-speaking friends to correct you.

Set Time for Yourself: Think any topic for you and try to speak very fast by setting few seconds for yourself. Do this in front of good English speaker as many times as you can. It will really help you gain fluency.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Speaking Only: You cannot improve only your speaking ability. Speaking, listening, reading and writing skills go hand in hand. Use an English-English dictionary. Try learning English everyday, by reading newspapers or magazines, and watching English news on line or listening to an English radio station on line.

Become Selfish: You will have to be selfish in this case. Try to make only those friends who are good in English so that you may get benefits from them. Utilize your time practicing English and try to avoid useless friends.

Create Atmosphere: Move to an English-speaking country. If that’s not possible, travel to an English- speaking country regularly. Find work locally where you can speak English, for instance, at the airport, or do some volunteer work such as helping English-speaking tourists. Try to sing English songs or talk to yourself in English, when taking a shower.

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