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These are my favorite and most desirable men. OMG! These males have great body, looks, style, flamboyance, and many more qualities. They are too hot and sexy. Read more about them here:

Hugh Jackman: I’m a huge fan of this Wolverine. He has awesome personality and body to die for. I’ve watched X-Men several times just to see Hugh. He is really a complete man with amazing talent. He has won number of awards including the hottest and sexiest man alive. Love you Hugh so much…………….

"Most Handsome Hollywood Actor Hugh Jackman"

Ryan Reynolds: Famous actor from “The Proposal” movie Ryan Reynolds has recently been tagged as the sexiest man alive by Ryan’s body has earned a lot of praise for him. Scarlett Johnson’s ex-boyfriend has recently been in the news with his split with the beautiful actress.

"Ryan Reynolds is the Sexiest Man On Earth"

Hrithik Roshan: Widely regarded as Indian Stallone Hrithik Roshan is another handsome hunk in my list. His green eyes can mesmerize anyone. WOW! He has a great physique as well moreover he is very talented actor also. I think, he is the hottest man of bollywood.

"Hottest Man Hrithik Roshan is Most Desirable"

Salman Khan: Salman Khan is super stylish perhaps one of the most stylish men on Earth. He has been always in the news for his infamous lifestyle. Though, most of the people don’t love his style of living, but I’m a die hard fan of this. His big eyes make him look very cute and innocent.

"Most Handsome Man of India"

Mutaib (grandson of King Faisal): He must be the most handsome man in the Gulf. Mutaib is from Saudi Arabia and a grandson of King Faisal. His super sexy looks can make anyone go crazy for him.

"Sexiest and Most Handsome Man from Gulf"

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