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Katrina Kaif is really the hottest diva of bollywood. With in few years, she is being rated amongst the top actresses of bollywood. She is very sexy, beautiful and has a great body. Here, I’ve collected some of her most revealing movie scenes:

Katrina Kaif created Dhoom with her scenes in Boom: Katrina’s first movie ‘Boom’ should be considered the most revealing and raunchiest movie of the actress. She really exposed to fullest according to Hindi movies standards. You can see her hot hot pic below from the movie:"Katrina kaif Revealing her Breasts"Click here to Watch the Full Video:

Only Few People Know that Katrina Kaif smooched Gulshan Grover: As I said earlier, Boom was the raunchiest movie of Katrina Kaif. She gave many hot scenes in the movie, and after Salman Khan imposed a ban on her doing such scenes (not good for all young people out there)."Katrina Kaif Revealing Her Private Body Parts"Wanna Watch her Smootch with Gulshan Grover, Click Me

Boom Boom Katrina in Bikini: Again from the movie Boom, Katrina Kaif gave one more scene, in which she was on the beach in Bikini. She was really looking amazing in that scene. Katrina is on the left side:"Katrina Kaif in Two Piece Bikini"Watch Full Bikini Video of Katrina

Akshay Kumar Seeing At Katrina’s Private Parts: Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif gave some very hot scenes together in the movie “De Dana Dan”. Though, the movie was flop, but the song became hit coz of Kat."Katrina Kaif Showing Ber Butt to Akshay Kumar"Watch the Wet Wet Song Here

Zara Zara Touch Katrina: Though in Zara Zara, she was not looking so hot as in above videos, but still the song had a seducing lyrics. Song will always keep us reminding about super duper Katrina Kaif."Katrina Kaif Oops Moment"Listen to the song here

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