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If someone talks about great Indian fast bowlers, they only remember one name “Kapil Dev”, and he was a medium fast bowler not a real fast. In a country of more than 1 billion people and millions of Cricket lovers, why are we unable to produce fast bowlers ? I tell you 5 reasons here:

"Fastest Bowler of World Shoaib Akhtar Bowling"

BCCI is the biggest culprit: Being the richest Cricket board BCCI still hasn’t done enough except playing dirty politics. Many BCCI members are politicians so they are more concerned about their chairs than nations. They can easily spend lot of money for finding and making fast bowlers for India by starting a talent shows like Indian Idol, India Got Talent and many more.

Poor Infrastructure: It’s true that you can practice batting even on poorly maintained ground but not bowling. For bowling, you need well maintained playgrounds, which are very few in this country.

Everyone wants to be Sachin: Since Sachin Tendulkar has entered into International Cricket everyone wants to be a great batsman like him. But, everyone can’t be like him, and it’s true. I think, kids should be motivated to become fast bowlers and BCCI gonna play important role in this.

Lack of Bowling coaches: We are really lacking good bowling coaches, who can train youngster, from school to International level. Since everyone wants to be batsman so everyone wants to teach batting.

Only one good pace academy: MRF pace academy is the only one in India. I think, good pace academies should be in every state in this Cricket loving nation.

I hope, BCCI would ever wake up from sleep because bowling department has created enough hurdles for India winning major tournaments.

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