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If there is a match between India and Pakistan then everyone in India and Pakistan become excited and nervous to know the result. These matches have always been the biggest event of Cricket history. There are some reasons which make these matches so exciting. Look at the top 5 of these:
"Players Abusing and Fighting In India Pakistan Match"
Old Rivalry: India and Pakistan have always been foes. There have been number of wars between them. So whenever there is match between India and Pak., people take it as a war and eagerly want to make their country win.

Cricket Crazy People: People in both the countries are just crazy about Cricket and always want that their countries should do miracle and win every match. They become almost mad when there is a match between Indo-Pak.

Both the Governments Get Involved: In almost every match President or Prime Minister from both the countries are present and it adds to the curiosity amongst those people who aren’t Cricket lovers. Even they want to watch then.

Players Get Charged-Up: Players from both the sides get pumped and aggressive against each other because of the old rivalry and their people always back them for this.

Quality Players from Both Sides Create More Excitement: There is no doubt that both the teams have good quality players and they really want to show their class against each other. That’s why most of the times we’ve got nail bitting finish of the match.

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