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In today’s technologically advanced global world, new media is the most preferred platform for people from all walks of life to express their views and opinions freely. As India inches closer towards the polls for 2014 general election, topics like politics and politicians are the most searched and trending news online. So, let’s have a glimpse of India’s 5 most searched political-leaders as compiled by Google.

1. Narendra Modi: Chief Minister of Gujarat and BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi emerged as India’s most searched politicians. Modi dominated the list as he is constantly in the news for his major campaign, crowd pulling rallies and also for remarks that hints towards the ruling parties.

Of late, he has embarked on a spirited campaign for the upcoming elections creating political enthusiasm in the country. Modi’s elevation has aroused much enthusiasm about politics among the youth. He is among Time magazine’s shortlisted candidates for its ‘Person of the Year’ title and has emerged as an early favorite among the readers in an online poll; however, Modi is the only Indian shortlisted in the list.

2. Arvind Kejriwal: Arvind Kejriwal, the most recent entrant to politics, is on the second position. He drew attention across all sections of the society in the country for his political attacks against the Government of India.

It was Arvind Kejriwal’s anointment as the Chief Minister of Delhi by defeating Sheila Dikshit, a three-time Chief Minister of Delhi with a huge margin of 25, 864 votes that brought him more in the limelight. A two week long hunger strike of Kejriwal inflated electricity and water bills in Delhi and this was also the main grounds for his mention on social networking sites. The anti-corruption movement and the on-going efforts to impose the Lokpal Bill by Arvind Kejriwal turned out to be the major part of his social media mentions and conversation which are highly appreciated.

3. Rahul Gandhi: Rahul Gandhi, the scion of the Gandhi family and the Vice president of the Indian National Congress is the next most searched political leader on social media. In January this year, there was a fall of 57 percent of searched in google. Gandhi contributed to the discussions of the netizens in the month of February and April for his public speeches at various parts of the country.

The most discussed topic by everyone about Gandhi is in regard with law and Internal affairs. The topic of corruption and the portrayal as a youth icon draw the most negative attention to the Vice President of Congress. Gandhi remained one of the most searched among the youth brigade in Indian politics.

4. Akhilesh Yadav: Akhilesh Yadav has been known to be the youngest person to hold the Chief Minister’s office in India. He is the current chief minister of Uttar Pradesh from Samajwadi Party and has been working towards bringing technological advances in a state where the people have questioned his vision of development.

With UP facing challenges like, inhabiting 20 percent of India’s poorest people, Akhilesh has a long road to thread. Born in the family of political veterans, Akhilesh’s decision of joining politics is like following the norm of family trends. Recently Akhilesh was in news where he said that the UP government will create an enabling policy regime to promote industry and attract investments. Of late, he is also trending in Google.

5. Sachin Pilot: Sachin Pilot has taken forward the family legacy of politics very successfully. This young and intelligent politician became the youngest Member of Parliament at the age of 26. He possesses modesty and humbleness which is a much admired quality of his. Pilot began his political career by helping his father during 1991 elections to arrange for campaigns and in time he has taken the family legacy forward after his father’s demise. Sachin represents the Ajmer constituency of Rajasthan and is a member of the Indian National Congress.

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