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If you are searching for top spas in Delhi, the list will be endless. The city provides you with a host of opportunities to enjoy your vacation to the best possible extent. The word ‘Spa’ is associated with the treatment with water. This procedure of treatment is known as ‘Balenotherapy’. Apart from this, the Spas also offer thermal or mineral water which is used for drinking and bathing. Some of the popular spas in Delhi include the TNG Spa, Nail Spa and Bliss Medi Spa.

1. TNG Spa

The TNG Spa is one of the top Spas in Delhi. It specializes in Ayurvedic treatment which includes holistic methods. You can also avail herbal treatments here. The spa provides a fine atmosphere which is perfectly suited to relaxation and tranquility. Moreover, you can also get an Ayurvedic advice that determines and gives you an insight of your body type and then, recommends the suitable treatment for it. Some of the services offered by this Spa comprise Oriental massages, Spa aroma baths, facial, skincare treatments and treatments for hair problems.

2. Nail Spa

The Nail Spa is one of the top spas in Delhi and the first of its kind in India. This spa is unique because it caters only to your nails. So, if you have any persistent problem regarding your nails, then this is the right place for you. The beauticians at the spa have undergone special training and are perfectly equipped with the latest artificial nail technology which has been implemented by the United States of America. The spa uses a whole lot of methods that takes proper care of your nails. Starting from strengthening your nail tips to French tip manicures, this spa has it all. It also specializes in nail extensions using gems and sequins. Moreover, it is also well known for silk wraps and treatment in fungal diseases.

3. Spa Oasis

This is a five star luxurious Spa and is reputed to provide world class treatments at the hands of dexterous beauticians and staff. From treatments to complete makeover, this spa offers you everything. Pamper yourself while you enjoy lavish Ayurvedic massages using body scraps and body wraps. After undergoing a treatment here you will certainly feel fresh and rejuvenated. Apart from these, you can also work out at the in-house fitness center or try out the beauty salon.

4. Bliss Medi Spa

The Bliss Medi Spa is yet another popular spa in Delhi. It takes care of your hair, body and skin. They also practice anti ageing therapies in their treatments. The spa implements a wide range of services that include facials, scrubs and body wraps. If you want to go for an extended advanced skin care therapy then you can also opt for botox and colon hydrotherapy. Besides, the spa also offers weight reduction programs and beauty salon.

5. Amatrra Spa

The sensuous Amatrra Spa defines itself as the only metropolitan standalone lifestyle spa in India. It was awarded “Best Day Spa” by AsiaSpa India in 2007, and was recognized by Forbes as one of the “10 Best Spas in India” in 2006. The spa is unique in that its treatments are based on the ancient study of “Astroveda” — a combination of Ayurveda and astrology.

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