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There is nothing that awakens your senses like the aroma of brewing hot coffee wafting through the air. The pleasant cool climate of Bangalore often drives its citizens into the arms of a hot cup of coffee. Coffee lovers can have a gala of time in Bangalore, as the city is strewn with grand establishments that primarily serve prepared coffee with other beverages, desserts and sweets. The price range can vary from single digit to 3 digits numbers, but quality and finesse of coffee comes with a price in Bangalore. From traditional taste of filter coffee to modern day fancy Latte Art, you name it and Bangalore will serve it you elegantly. Here is the list of 6 spots which a coffee lover should never miss in Bangalore.

6. Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is very much known for its coffee as it is for its doughnuts which are prepared with sheer finesse. The lively ambience, interiors and everything about this spacious place is worth the steep price you may splurge out here. It is known to have great appeal for teeny boppers. There are wide array of fresh doughnuts on display for you to drool over. The best part is the self service counter which contains well arranged sugars, straws and other add-ons which one can pick up according to your preference and taste.

5. Matteo Coffea

Situated in the heart of Bangalore, on Church Street off Brigade Road, Matteo Coffea is one of the best places for coffee that gives best value for money. They serve one of the best coffee, burgers, pasta, desserts, and pies; in addition they have free WiFi. The place is usually packed to the full. The café provides an unparalleled experience in an environment of service, skill and knowledge of the coffee they possess. All the bakery and dessert items are made on premise for that “fresh home-made taste”. If you desire a better café experience than you should visit Matteo Coffea.

4. Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee comes from the UK chain of cafes, who believe in everything of finest quality and premium in nature. They are second largest coffeehouse chain in the world behind Starbucks. The taste, décor, distinct aroma and colors of the coffee make them stand apart from their competitors. They have a wide range of coffee beverages for you to choose from like Ristretto, Espresso, Americano, Cappucino, Macchiato, Café latte, Café Mocha and many more.

3. Hatti Kaapi

This is one of the places that gives you excellent, qualitative and authentic filter coffee at a throw away price. The great response by the customers has allowed them to expand to 16 Hatti’s across Bangalore city in just 3 years. They serve wonderful south Indian snacks to go with the hot beverages. A place to go if you want the real south Indian coffee experience, which has not been tampered with western influence.

2. Café Noir

If you love to gaze at the open sky while you sip on your coffee, than Café Noir is the place for you. Situated in one of the most swanky and luxurious spots in Bangalore, Café Noir is the place for people who love to be pampered. Apart from an extensive menu of coffee, they have a wide range drool worthy smoothies, omelets, French fries and other snacks to appeal your appetite.

1. Café Coffee Day

Since its inception in 1996 at Brigade Road, Bangalore, Café Coffee Day has come a long way today. By 2011, CCD had more than 1000 cafés open across the nation, and lately they have gone international too. As of December 2013, there were 1534 outlets delighting the customers across all 28 states of India. The CCD is strewn all across Bangalore, serving coffee delights like Coffee Day Fresh ‘n Ground, Coffee Day Xpress, Coffee Day Take Away, Coffee Day Exports, Coffee Day Perfect and many more. No wonder the Café has won awards like “most popular hangout joint amongst youth” at the 3rd Global Youth Marketing Forum in 2011, and “India’s most popular coffee joint”, considering their amazing hospitality.

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