Jun 182011

India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s image is not good now as it used to be. He really did miracles for Indian Economy when he was Finance Minister. But, after becoming PM he hasn’t done much for the country. Here are 5 things for Manmohan Singh to be embarrassed about:

1) The DISAPPEARANCE of Congress MP Sajjan Kumar: In February 2010, Kumar went missing in a 1984 anti-Sikh riot case. The PM’s men did nothing for 10 days although it was found that Kumar was at his home and had Police protection also. Congress should have taken the issue seriously as it is taking Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter.

2) “All is Well” for CWG 2010: When he tried to hide one of the country’s biggest scams by saying “All is Well”. He should have taken hard steps but……..

3) Jammu and Kashmir Issue: He has totally failed to solve Kashmir problem. The Kashmir’s condition is worst under his regime.

4) Mayawati’s Garlands: It seems that Mayawati is more powerful than Indian Government as it could never take single action against her.

5) When he put Balochistan on the Indo-Pak map: His 2009 Sharm el-Sheikh statement with Yousaf Gilani made Balochistan an issue. The Whole World thought India was responsible for the problem in that region moreover he completely forgot Kashmir issue.

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