Sep 012011

These are the craziest and funniest pics I found on internet. Whenever I see these images, I laugh a lot and also get surprised. Our world is just so amazing, and I’m very lucky to take birth here.

"Indian Lamborghini Newly Launched 2011"

This Indian version of Lamborghini made by the guys of Punjab is truly amazing.

"Ghajini Part II Aamir Khan"

This real Ghajini from Punjab might try for the Ghajini's sequel.

"Diggileaks by Digvijay Singh Cartoon Wikileaks"

Diggileaks is now India's Wikileaks. It is just run by a one man 'Digvijay Singh'.

"Fast Bowler of Sri Lanka looking depressed"

Lasith Malinga went in depression after the World Cup. And, this is him before and after the tournament.

"India vs. Australia Semi-Final Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting"

The God of Cricket "Sachin Tendulkar" telling Ricky Ponting the way to bus stop after Australia's defeat to India.

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