Sep 012011

I’ve been seeing some girls photos on Facebook for few days which are hit amongst fake profile holders. These girls are so attractive that they woo many youngsters quickly and account holders get 5,000 friends within some days. Here, I’ve decided to write on some of the famous girls of Facebook:


1) Above given girl has many names on Facebook like Priya, Shalini, Manpreet, Gurpreet, Ruksana etc. Though I don’t know about the original girl still she looks to be from India or Pakistan. Her charming and beautiful face woo many Facebook users and fake account holders get request from thousands of people.

"Fake-Pakistani-Girl Facebook"

2) The girl above, who is using mobile, seems to be genuine at first so many users on Facebook are using her photograph. And, she has been given different names like: Tanya, Nancy, Maninder, Benazir from Pakistan etc.


3) This girl seems to be from Sikh or Muslim family. Her silky hair and a very beautiful face have been hit amongst fake users to get lot of friends quickly.

"Beautiful-Fake-Girl-of-Facebook in Black Dress"

4) This girl has beautiful big eyes and her sex appeal might be the reason of her being so famous on Facebook. Hundreds of guys and girls are using the pic. as their main profile photograph.


5) Who would not want to become the friend of this sex bomb. Her hot pose can even attract those people towards her who know she might be fake.

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